Victorian Day

Today was such a wonderful day! Class 3 stepped back in time as part of their topic ‘Revolution’ and dressed as Victorian children for a traditional Victorian school day. Children took part in drills, The 3 Rs, cooking, sewing and even tried gruel! Take a look at some of the pictures to see what we got up to!

3 thoughts on “Victorian Day”

  1. I really enjoyed the Victorian day I found it really fun to me I found it a challeng but I liked it and my favourite part was the sewing and baking the Victoria spung was delicious iwhish we could do it again it was tuf but fun.

  2. We enjoyed it because it was different to our normal school day . It was interesting to find out what happened in the Victorian times. It was a lot different to what happens now eg:they sometimes had to stand up in front of the class and recite their times tables like this one times two is two,two times two is four,three times two is six and so on.

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