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It’s competition time!

This week, we have been learning the skill of how to describe a setting and character in a narrative text using camera shots. Your challenge is to describe the long shot of a Victorian street (see below)  and introduce the character in as many ways as you can. Remember to use all the prompts and support on the working wall to help you vary your sentence openers. Leave your sentences in the comments box.

Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Camera shots – blog task”

  1. Substantial buildings towered as lost souls were shadowed by polluted grey clouds in despair.The children breathed in the iced fumes that could be their last breath.Like a hawk ceasing it’s only chance on it’s prey other child pure collectors pounced on the waste like there life depended on it.Onlookers glared on in disgust and horror as the child walked on in shame.The stallion trotted arrogantly down the stoney cobbled roads carrying resources that some families could only hope to possess something as valuable as food,but one child walked confidently down the rat infested streets.

  2. Colossal buildings towered menacingly as lost souls slowly wandered about on the cobbled street; the stallion trotting triumphantly in the shadows. With his nose up high, he carried on, the onlookers who glared with evil eyes stared as the caramel stallion walked past. Like a hawk stalking its prey, he seized the opportunity and grabbed all of the food on the the table with upmost stealth, considering his consequences carefully. Startled by his actions, the surrounding figures began to protect their food with a tense attitude. His face was passive and oblivious to his surroundings however the public sill glared with wide eyes. Cautiously, he scanned the jaggered street enclosing him becoming increasingly aware of his environment.

  3. The stalls of the market square sat, watching the wandering passers-by as a magnificent, ginger-bay stallion hung his sweat-streaked nose low to the ground as he thrust his weight into the harness to move the chariot behind him. Cloven-hoofed animals were lead down the cold, cobbled streets where a butcher sharpened his enormous meat-knives in his shop. Skinned pigs and lambs hung, lifeless; busy people bustled through the doors of the shops and stalls whilst seemingly getting in the way of everyone they saw. Like dust settling on a carpet, goods lay on the old, worn stone of which the street paths were made. Baskets had been cast carelessly into the shadows of the towering buildings while a small boy stood in a corner selling potatoes…

  4. Old, crackly buildings towered menacingly over the vicious crowd, awaiting the Queens arrival. A faint clattering noise was heard from miles away as the audience sarcastically waved passively to a young, poor boy who rode a statue of a cannon. He was being strongly pulled by horses breathing heavily, what with all the weight of the cannon. Apart from the boy, as skinny as a twig. The desperation on the little boy’s face was impossible to ignore. Suddenly, without a warning, a black figure stepped out of the shadows.

  5. Thin tall town houses acted as permanent sun shelters protecting the lost souls that dare wander or even a ablige down the disagreeable beastly street
    because down that very street the unforgotten work house stood .

    Nicole C

  6. Pt 2:

    The hooded figure was unmistakable. It was short, but bold. It looked like it had been stalking the boy of some kind. Faint cheers were held, as some people were stupid enough to believe it was the queen. Some people even asked for him/her to take it’s hood off. But it just ignored them, and carried on. The parade was broken. The public’s first and (probably) only chance to see the Queen. Ruined.

  7. Colossal buildings towered menacingly as lost souls tirelessly worked in the shadows ;the boy ,however didn’t .He dangerously bounded from horse to floor as onlookers glared with wide eyes while they retreated into pure darkness.Clumsily going on he toppled over sacs of potatoes leaving the expensive goods lying on the damp , cold and hard floor .The thin alleyway was like a grand hallway one enclosing wall on each side slowly pulling him forward begging him to keep running .

  8. While the carriage rumbled along, the man became suspended in mid air as he jumped out of the grubby cart. He ran like the wind as far away from it as he could. Finally, when he could hardly breathe, he slumped into a corner and slept.
    When he next woke up, it was dark. The midnight sky ate into the darkness as he stood. It was better to travel at night than day since, he was wanted.
    He walked and walked until daybreak, then sat down in a thin alleyway. He commonly talked to himself since, he had nothing better to do.
    For days, he travelled at night and slept at day, until one night he found an old, abandoned shack practically made for him. He went in, as it was nearly day.

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