North Notts Lions Club Funding

North Notts Lions Club came into school to present a cheque which will fund our Year 5/6 DARE course. The DARE programme is a course developed to help children years 5 and 6 (Age 9 – 11) acquire a wide array of personal and social skills, including:
• understanding the need to take personal responsibility for ourselves and others
• effective communication and listening
• coping by dealing with pressure and stressful situations
• decision making
• resistance skills
• the identification of risks and consequences, particularly in relation to substance abuse
Many thanks to the North Notts Lions Club for supporting this programme.

The Dream Giver

Today, the whole school entered ‘Dream Land’ as we wrote our Christmas narrative – The Dream Giver.

The school was turned into a dream land and everyone attended school in their pyjamas to get into the spirit of things!

Class 3’s writing focus was around extending their narratives. First of all they examined camera shots to introduce their setting and character and then moved onto how to advance actions.

Take a look at their wonderful writing which will be displayed in the corridor.

Camera shots – blog task

It’s competition time!

This week, we have been learning the skill of how to describe a setting and character in a narrative text using camera shots. Your challenge is to describe the long shot of a Victorian street (see below)  and introduce the character in as many ways as you can. Remember to use all the prompts and support on the working wall to help you vary your sentence openers. Leave your sentences in the comments box.

Good luck!

Victorian Day

Today was such a wonderful day! Class 3 stepped back in time as part of their topic ‘Revolution’ and dressed as Victorian children for a traditional Victorian school day. Children took part in drills, The 3 Rs, cooking, sewing and even tried gruel! Take a look at some of the pictures to see what we got up to!

Electricity investigations

This term, our Science topic is ‘Danger! High voltage!’

Our first lesson focused on the symbols for circuits and children investigated how to make circuits using only 2 wires, a piece of foil, a cell and a bulb. They were challenged to find as many wats of doing this as they could. As you will see from the pictures, children were very proud of some of their findings!

Play Leaders

Yesterday, Class 3 all took part in the Play Leader training to earn their playmaker award. They learnt all about the skills needed to be a successful leader and are now trained up ready to teach the younger children sporting activities to ensure all children at North Wheatley are as active as they can be. We look forward to following the progress of our new Play Leaders.